Announcing The Revv Card!

Get Rid Of That Unsightly Bulge In Your Pocket! Replace ALL Those Cards With ONE!

The buzz around the RevvCard is building and for very good reason. If you become a Charter Member, you can receive your share of Merchant Fees from the Bank on every eligible transaction. Note that people can pay their mortgage with this card! Lots of money to be made here.

This “State-Of-The-Art Smart Card” will have the following features and many more:

-1.73” inch OLED Touchscreen
-Dynamic EMV Chip (part of the STAR Network of Banks)
-Biometric Fingerprint Reader
-Charging points
-Bluetooth 4.0
-Screen is all the same thickness 

RNetworkCompPlan for people that want to get paid for helping people get their wallet nice and slimmed down looking!

-Over 375K merchant PARTNERS in the USA and 600K globally to give card users savings on every transaction.
-multiple external accounts are linkable to the card including personal checking and savings, business accounts, credit cards, cryptocurrencies, precious metals such as gold and silver, Peer to peer transfers This one card will replicate the functions of all you other cards with no need to carry them with you.

-Transaction times of ~3.5 seconds

-Merchant transaction fees are eligible for commission if you choose to be a Charter Member. 
-Several Banks and a Savings & Loan were purchased to facilitate this incredible business model.
-Banking is FDIC insured. 
-Cryptocurrencies are insured to 110% of value
-Only TWO places will have this card, our Digital Bank and a MAJOR retailer later this year with 11,350 locations worldwide. Difference is, they will NOT offer a revenue sharing program.
-if you become a Charter Member, all team members and commissions are logged on an imm

utable Blockchain specifically designed for this business model. Your team and commissions cannot be poached or stolen.

In Short, this is growing quickly and is a paradigm shift in how banking will be done in the future. This is an opportunity for YOU to be with it from the start. Be one of the FIRST to own what is sure to be a much talked about product in 2019! CLICK HERE!